Formation RoundUp #1

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In the military, a weekly or monthly “round-up” is often called a Formation. During this time, people communicate important information and check to see if anyone needs assistance.

For my readers, I found other sites that might provide insights and thoughts that could be of assistant to you professionally or personally.

We are Formation RoundUp Ready!

I have been combing through other blogs to find a few interesting writers to bring to your attention:

First, is a post by Anjana.  Anjana offered some great tips for public speaking. I taught public speaking for the Department of Defense. So, when she offered the first piece of advice, I had to share this. Her first suggestion was to go first! She suggested this advice because the instructor is likely to grade a bit easier. She is right! In my experience, the speakers who go last get better  because of all the feedback the instructor has already given others. A great teacher knows this happens and has a responsibility to grade fairly.

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Next, Christina shares a sweet and simple post. She is a writer, interviewer and storyteller. In her post, she admits to being nervous. Yes, it happens to most of us. I have had the opportunity to hear lots of speakers. The best speaker I have ever heard would captivate a room of people. People would be so quiet for fear he or she would miss a word. I spoke to this person. He admitted to being so nervous that he would not eat for fear of becoming sick during the speech. This person had also overcome a great deal of adversity and still saw life as a gift. Positivity  is an attribute that is appealing to listeners.

Last is a break from public speaking.  Phillip Ruskins posted, Humor : Geography of a Woman. Great Read. The Post describes a Women by age and how the qualities of a Woman relates to countries of the world. Check here for the Read.

Well, its been great providing these reads. Stay connected for more.

Best Wishes,

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