I joined the Navy to make a difference as a woman and to help others make a difference  

-Tytiana Green


As Women, We have so much to offer. I always choose collaboration over competition.


-Breonna Vereen, Air Force Veteran

ICBM Combat Crew Commander

You are a BETTER wife, mother, friend and military member when you are able to take time out for YOU!

Maj Tammie Ellerbe (r), Air Force Veteran

Have a good balance between work and your family....


It's your family that will be there when you decide to hang up the uniform.


     -Maj Tammie Ellerbe, Air Force (retired)

In the military, a weekly or monthly “round-up” is often called a Formation. During this time, people communicate important information and check to see if anyone needs assistance. For my readers, I found other sites that might provide insights and thoughts that could be of assistant to you professional or personally. We are Formation RoundUp […]