Getting Buy-In

My Post (22)So, here are some of the things you can do when you have a goal & need “buy-in” from a group of people. 

  1. Visualize the ideal situation: Visualize yourself in a small meeting with key players of a project you are working on. Visualize yourself presenting your prepared material. Think through how “this could play out.”  Try to imagine the questions the key players in the room might ask.
  2. Think Positive: If the group of persons is willing to have a meeting on the topic, there must be some level of interest: therefore, know that YOU HAVE A CHANCE.  Stay Positive, You Can Do This! Additionally, If you are actively pursuing a meeting with the person or team, identify how you both can benefit.
  3. Get to Know the Folks In the Room: One key to negotiation is to BUILD a LONG term friendship with the business or persons you want to work with.

So far, these things work well for me! Tell Us Your Thoughts Below!

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