The Incomplete You: Mini Lesson 4

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The Incomplete You

Mini Lesson 4

The Incomplete leaders know that leadership exists throughout the organizational hierarchy- wherever expertise, vision, new ideas, and commitment are found.


-Ancona, Malone, Orlikowski and Senge

Harvard Business Review on Leadership

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How do we foster these things? How do we bring out these things in others?

First, You need to know and understand people.

In addition to formal leadership, there are informal leaders.

If you want to be a great leader—You NEED to know who the INFORMAL leader is. You need to get to KNOW that person or people.

Get to know your folks!

For about 6 years, I would have my new employees and/or students take  a MYER BRIGGS personality profile test. I learned alot about people and what makes him or her tick. I will give you an example:

Here is a snap shot of  my own profile (though, the key is knowing how your own impacts relationships with others….highlight the GOOD on the WEAK (or difficult) areas):

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Female Defender is a Leadership Consulting Company


INTJ’s tend to enjoy theory and enjoy challenging it. I have explored various INTJ profiles online and have read that INTJ’s are good at learning difficult concepts.

Notes for Supervisors, Question:

If you find that your INFORMAL leader is an INTJ, how can you best use this person’s ability?

As I begin to write about the second behavior, I am already exhausted in writing about myself. As an introvert, I don’t need the spotlight.

Notes to Supervisors:

Some people thrive in the spotlight and others do not. How will you use this information?

As an intuitive person, I like to look at the larger picture. I believe intuition coupled with being a “T”/thinker is a great attribute when solving problems.

Notes to Supervisors:

How can you best use this for your work center?

As an introvert, I struggle with giving open feedback on a new concept or idea while brainstorming with a group of people. Its because I like to really think comprehensively about a topic that interests me.

Note to Supervisors:

What does this tell you?

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That was a very SMALL snapshot of a MYER BRIGGS Profile. I used the results of the test to BEST utilize the abilities of my teams. It was a guide to help me UNDERSTAND how to BEST reach each individual of my team. Using MYER BRIGGS personality profiles increased productivity in my work center and helped me get to understand people BETTER!

So, What profile is the informal leader in your workplace??


Time to get to know that person!