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Women in Leadership

Female Defender was created to assist women in uniform in navigating to success in the workplace. Lets get started ladies!

About the Company:

Female Defender is a company that offers products to assist women in uniform in coping with the day to day issues of the workplace.

The company addresses the lack of female mentorship in the workplace, the lack of information to assist in the progression of women to more leadership roles, how to handle the perceptions of women in leadership positions, and how to lead with male and female employees, etc.

The company will help to increase the rates of promotion and assist in career progression. We will inspire women to continue in their life journey as they deal with problems that are undeniable issues in the workforce.

Women Leaders
Female Defender develops Female Firefighters, Policewomen, Military Women and other Women in Male Dominated Workplaces.

The owner has been a woman in a unit of very few women and has deployed sometimes as the only woman of a group of men. 

She worked with dozens of executive level military and foreign government leaders.

She had the opportunity to teach a 5-week management course to over 1,650 new supervisors for Air University.

She also taught hundreds of customized lessons and conducted process improvement workshops across the Air Force.

Additionally, she led dozens of leader development workshops across the Department of Defense and JROTC.

A Leader Development Company

Female Defender Develops Women in For More Leadership Roles in the Workplace.


Female Defender fosters the leadership skills of women in the workplace. Through our professional development services, we are dedicated to preparing women for leadership roles.


To Optimize the Successes of Workspaces Everywhere: Starting with Women in Uniform

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