On Leadership

One Very Vivid Memory That I have is of a Duplex Apartment Fire in the Heat of July.
That Day a Small Woman in Stature was in High Demand, of the Many Tasks I had That day, I recall Being Lifted through a Window, Crawling in a Small Space, Extinguishing the Fire, Pulling the Ceiling and Overhauling.
Those were the Days that Prepared me, the Experience I Needed to Successfully Lead an Organization.

-Chief Washington, Decatur Fire Department


I am what would be considered a “late bloomer” in the fire service—why?

Because as a woman, it never occurred to me that this was an option for me......Part of what I want to help with is to empower those who may not have even thought that this was an option—be it military, law enforcement, or fire.

-Brooke Ames, Firefighter