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More About Me:

I am a retired 20+ year veteran-now leadership coach. While in uniform: I had operational experience as well as academic experience. I taught leadership for a Military University. Later in my career, I was selected as the only woman on a team to validate a leadership course designed to advance elite military (Seals, Para-Rescue, Spec Ops Aviation, Rangers, etc). I have traveled and worked in many countries.  My travel experiences have broadened my approach & perspectives on Leadership. Some of the travel includes: Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Mali, Spain, Korea, Japan (Mainland & Okinawa), Philippines, Italy, Mali, Cuba, Slovenia, Bahamas, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands, etc.


I was highlighted in 2019 by Inc Magazine for my work as a Women’s Coach. 

I have been featured in Forbes more than 2 dozen times

What you will receive: 

1) 1-2 live coaching sessions via zoom each month 

(the link below is for the first month)

2) Strategy Plans for your Leadership & Success Growth

3) Emails Throughout Each Paid Month Outlining Additional Tips & Advice to build you & your Team 

Monthly Plans are 1,250.00

Once I receive payment, We will set up your first live session & I will contact you to gather additional information. Email me with questions about the coaching plan. 

I look forward to working with you!

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Coaching Fee’s

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