Ladies, Start Asking For What You Want!

Women in Leadership

Is it within Reason? Is it Possible? What will the Person Think of Me?…..Okay, Enough Questioning Your Self: Ask for What You Want!

Until recently, I practiced asking for what I want a lot less than I do now. I retire from the military in a few months and I am starting a business to help military women (Female Defender, LLC) deal with challenges. There are many elements to starting a business. I now realize, if I don’t ask, this business will not take off. I am in the beginning stages and it’s already a lot of work. Though, it’s my dream and I am going to start asking  for much more!

dark_logo_transparent_backgroundA few weeks ago,  I had a meeting with someone who sits on the board of directors for a program that I wanted to be involved with. He had a lot experience  and has been in business for a long time. Quite Frankly, by the look and location of his office, it was evident that he does extremely well for himself. After he interviewed me, he encouraged me to ask any question.

A year ago, I might have smiled and prepared for an exit, but not anymore. What I wanted was information.

It felt dreadful and I was nervous to ask questions, but I asked a few direct questions.  I even asked how a person with his background navigates to a board of directors for a business that is not in his field.  He really opened up to me.

We had a great conversation and he offered me other insights that I didn’t even ask about. I left the meeting (interview), much more knowledgeable than I was when I walked through the door.

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BTW- I got into the program.