Emotional Intelligence: Mini Lesson 2

A Leader Development Company Developing Women in the Workplace.

Goleman’s Idea of Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize your feelings  as well as the feelings of others.

The “Me Too” movement has encouraged more women to come forward with stories of harassment in the workplace.

The current movement indicates a lack of many leaders ability to empathize and appropriately handle work circumstances appropriately. If more leaders in the past had created an environment where women or men can express sensitive circumstances without backlash or inappropriate responses, our country would not have such a huge problem.

A Leader Development Company
Female Defender Develops Women in Male Dominated Workplaces.

We really have to look at the double standards in our workplaces and ask how we can fix these types of issues in our work centers. We as a society should explore this leadership problem MORE OFTEN  in the workplace. Some research  shows that women have the ability to deal with emotion better in the workplace. So image if we had more Women Leaders!

A Leader Development Company
Mission: Female Defender fosters the leadership skills of women in the workplace.

I visited a Women’s Studies department at a college in my local area. I had a meeting with the leads of the department.

It was discouraging to discover the LACK of support the department receives as compared to other departments at the school.

This is due to many reasons. Yet, We at this company know the importance and the good it could bring to EVERYONE.

Women are our Mothers, Sisters, Wives, and best friends.

We love them. How can we uplift them?  We ask that in YOUR workplaces, you find a WOMAN to mentor. You can learn MORE about what is happening in your workplace. You can learn MORE about how to LEAD with in a diverse way. You can become more emotionally intelligent.

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The company will help to increase the rates of promotion and assist in career progression. We will inspire women to continue in their life journey as they deal with problems that are undeniable issues in the workforce.