The Representation of Women at Work


Women in uniform love our country! We make may sacrifices that many people may never know. Though, it takes more than LOVE for our country to navigate through our tricky systems. As a matter of fact, It can be DIFFICULT. Trying to figure it out on your own? Well, that’s ALMOST impossible (We hate to use that word…so we stuck ALMOST in front of it).



Navigating to success or the next leadership position can be tricky. How do we overcome the challenges?

I would like to share an example of the challenges women face in the commercial sector. I read about some of these difficulties in a study conducted by the London Business School.  If you take a look at Fortune 500 companies:

You will find that the workforce ratio of women to men is almost 50/50. 

We all realize that these companies hire the BEST.  Positions at these companies are highly competitive. Fifty-Fifty isnt bad, right? Well, if you take a closer look:

Only about 20% of the Board of Directors for those companies are women. 

What I found most unfortunate, but not surprising, is that

Only 4% of those company CEO’s are women.

Well, Women in Uniform have some unique difficulties. There are fields of our workplaces that still don’t allow women. Now some of those things are changing.  Though, We at Female Defender don’t believe change for GOOD is happening fast enough. We want to see more women in LEADERSHIP. We believe that if MORE women are in decision making roles, this will help change for GOOD.

Female Defender is dedicated to developing more women for leadership roles.

Men and Women succeed when we have fair and equitable surroundings.

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