You are a BETTER wife, mother, friend and military member when you are able to take time out for YOU!

Maj Tammie Ellerbe (r), Air Force Veteran

Have a good balance between work and your family....


It's your family that will be there when you decide to hang up the uniform.


     -Maj Tammie Ellerbe, Air Force (retired)

Instead of thinking of me as the “diversity hire”.... be open to what great things I can bring to the table.

Brooke A., Beloit Wisconsin FireFighter

I am what would be considered a “late bloomer” in the fire service—why?

Because as a woman, it never occurred to me that this was an option for me......Part of what I want to help with is to empower those who may not have even thought that this was an option—be it military, law enforcement, or fire.

-Brooke Ames, Firefighter