Another principle I learned from my parents is to have respect for everyone. Learning that principle early in life helped me to obtain communicative skills that allow people to feel comfortable opening up and speaking freely. People are open to teaching you things you may not know if you are willing to listen.

Wanting to Write a Book?

What objective are you planning to meet by writing a book?

If you don't have a definite answer to the question, you should consider waiting. You want the readers to be as excited about reading the book as you are about writing it.

Have you had your credit card for longer than your other accounts? Use the FICA measurement charts as you determine whether you want to close an existing credit card after transferring or paying down the debt. Consider paying off the credit card with the highest interest rate first. Allot an amount of money to pay in addition to the minimum amount due each month.
Homeownership This type of purchase is recognized differently than the average loan or credit card. Try signing up for bi-monthly payments and consider paying an additional fee to the mortgage principal every month.
Paying your credit card debt on time is important. Get on the fast track: Consider paying an additional amount every month to speed up the reduction of debt.
 There are paid programs to monitor the score and dispute errors, yet the credit bureaus have a free option for making corrections. I am not opposed to the paid option, yet the free option has worked well for me for over 20 years in obtaining a credit score over 800.
On an annual basis, check your credit score. There are various legitimate sites that will allow consumers to review their FICA scores for free. Each of the three major credit bureaus will allow consumers to dispute inaccurate remarks on their reports. There are paid programs to monitor the score and dispute errors, yet the credit bureaus have a free option for making corrections.

Mika's Advice for Work, Business & Career


Cut your customer acquisition costs by keeping your long-term customers happy. Don’t disappoint the people who have spent their hard-earned dollars to support your product year after year.


Mika Hunter

Ditch the idea of a resolution for 2023.

Keep things simple and create a list. This is a great way to stay focused so that you are able to reach your goals. Additionally, if you need more motivation to stay on track, create a rewards system to give yourself incentives for reaching each item on the list.


I joined the Navy to make a difference as a woman and to help others make a difference  

-Tytiana Green


On Leadership

One Very Vivid Memory That I have is of a Duplex Apartment Fire in the Heat of July.
That Day a Small Woman in Stature was in High Demand, of the Many Tasks I had That day, I recall Being Lifted through a Window, Crawling in a Small Space, Extinguishing the Fire, Pulling the Ceiling and Overhauling.
Those were the Days that Prepared me, the Experience I Needed to Successfully Lead an Organization.

-Chief Washington, Decatur Fire Department


As Women, We have so much to offer. I always choose collaboration over competition.


-Breonna Vereen, Air Force Veteran

ICBM Combat Crew Commander