I joined the Navy to make a difference as a woman and to help others make a difference  

-Tytiana Green


On Leadership

One Very Vivid Memory That I have is of a Duplex Apartment Fire in the Heat of July.
That Day a Small Woman in Stature was in High Demand, of the Many Tasks I had That day, I recall Being Lifted through a Window, Crawling in a Small Space, Extinguishing the Fire, Pulling the Ceiling and Overhauling.
Those were the Days that Prepared me, the Experience I Needed to Successfully Lead an Organization.

-Chief Washington, Decatur Fire Department


As Women, We have so much to offer. I always choose collaboration over competition.


-Breonna Vereen, Air Force Veteran

ICBM Combat Crew Commander

You are a BETTER wife, mother, friend and military member when you are able to take time out for YOU!

Maj Tammie Ellerbe (r), Air Force Veteran

Have a good balance between work and your family....


It's your family that will be there when you decide to hang up the uniform.


     -Maj Tammie Ellerbe, Air Force (retired)

Instead of thinking of me as the “diversity hire”.... be open to what great things I can bring to the table.

Brooke A., Beloit Wisconsin FireFighter

I am what would be considered a “late bloomer” in the fire service—why?

Because as a woman, it never occurred to me that this was an option for me......Part of what I want to help with is to empower those who may not have even thought that this was an option—be it military, law enforcement, or fire.

-Brooke Ames, Firefighter


I am  drawn to Rupi Kaur's work.

She throws out the rule book of poetry writing and she is HERSELF.


She is REAL.


Do don't have to be an award winning poet, but you have to be authentic.