Someone Else’s Words


Female Defenders/Someone else’s words

I have read a lot of peoples ideas on leadership over the years.  I have a mini library of books…

Yes, “old school” hardback and paperback books and a few audio versions.

Years ago I would listen to audio versions of leadership books on my way to work. These things get my thoughts “moving” and helps spark NEW ideas from the basis of others thoughts. Often we get a chance to read leadership ideas of others in the civilian workplace…Now we will give you a bit of a spin…Leadership Tools that can be use ANY where, but from the perspective of women in leadership….In uniform.

Of all of the books I have read, One sticks. The one I often turn to is by John Maxwell, The Difference Maker. The Difference Maker is your attitude. So….You have to possess more than a great attitude. Yet, when it comes down too it, most people like to work with the qualified person with a good attitude…a great attitude.

Below is a piece from Maxwells Book that I really enjoy.


Your Attitude
It’s the Vanguard of your true self.
Its root is inward buts its fruit is outward.
It’s your best friend or worst enemy.
It is more honest and consistent about you than your words.
It is your outward look based on your past experiences.
It is what draws people to you or repels them.
It is never content until it is expressed.
It’s the librarian of your past.
It’s the speaker of your present.
It’s the prophet of your future.

Your Attitude
-John Maxwell