We Slay!

I think carefully about the books I take the time to read.

I don’t have a lot of time to waste;

I like to make the best of time and money spent.  Here, I want my book selections to enhance the lives of women in the workplace.

What I found interesting about Rise and Grind is that Daymond John starts by thanking his readers for the time she or he spends reading his book. He realizes the value of time and suggests he will make good use of our time. Female Defender Promises to do the Same!

First Lesson: Try to learn from people you don’t agree with.

Daymond makes this point, and I identify this as a great first lesson:

 Broaden your general perspective on a given topic.

To add to his point, If Fox news is your favorite network, try CNN one morning. Pay attention to how one single story can be delivered 10 different ways. Learn how others you work with can be influenced differently than you because the news, music, or friends he or she may have.


As a woman in uniform or in a different field, you have to broaden your perspectives to increase your chances of progression.

You need to learn how to deliver the same message different ways depending on the audience.

Learn from people you don’t agree with.

Ladies, stay connected for more thoughts on Daymond’s book and Female Defenders suggestions on navigating to success.

Can you say-WE SLAY!