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The Millennial Connection

As a woman in uniform, I try to stay connected with the people I work with… people of EVERY age.

I spoke with a dynamic powerhouse type of woman for some advice on managing millennials.  She asked a few specific questions.  Are you staying connected? Are you continuously making efforts to connect to millennials? Well…..I think I am. Hmmmmm, am I doing enough? Let’s check it out.

I searched and found the Millennial Solution.

I read an article written by Gabrielle Bosche, she explained that 87% of millennials start their day with checking their smartphones. The article continued by sharing data from another survey that showed they would rather give up their car’s than their phone’s. Hmmm, Wow.

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To be honest, most of us are probably very connected to our cell phones. Yet, many of us may not be using the device to maximize our connection to millennials. Maybe ask the folks you work with which app they would like to use to stay connected. Try small but involved methods to show you care what matters the them. You might even find an app that makes work much easier.

As I took a closer look, I found that Gabrielle owns a company that advises businesses on developing high level retention strategies. Pretty Cool.

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