As a Leader You Must Know Yourself

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Some years ago, I was hired to be a military leadership instructor for Air University. This job was a challenge. In addition to learning and understanding a massive amount of material, an leadership instructor needs to understand how to effectively deliver the material to students. I am an INTJ; as a professor at Cornell University (Dr. Streeter) would say, I was required to sign with my non- dominate hand daily. That simply means you have to learn to operate in an area that may be uncomfortable to you. It can be done….Heck, with practice, you can be GREAT at it. Many students who know me would guess I am an extrovert. Nope, I love my “ME” time! The key to getting good at this is not magic…Its PRACTICE.

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While I was able to have a deep understanding of the material (common to the intuitive thinkers…see Myer Briggs profiles), I burned a lot of energy each day presenting it to a group of students. It takes a lot of energy to stay engaged and stay in the moment.

As you deal with people in the workplace, its important to know yourself. Learn to know your strengths and weaknesses. Know what exhausts you. Know where you pull your energy. Figure out YOUR ROUTINE. I would give a lot of myself in class (and I loved teaching), but I gave breaks every hour. My students knew it was their break as well as mine!

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As an instructor, I learned and practice being good at ‘extroverting’. As a matter of fact, I loved teaching and helping people so much I taught extra lessons at the base learning/education center. I also volunteered at the local high school JROTC.

I am not a perfect person. These things took time to learn. No reasonable person expects you to be perfect. Yet, improving upon your weaknesses or what is less natural makes you a better leader.

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