A Woman’s Workplace Politics

Women in Leadership

Women and the DoubleBind.

According to social psychology research, if a group falls below 20% in a given society, then it’s going to be subjected to stereotyping. For women, this means being categorized as one or more of the following:




One response is to collectively resist and start a campaign, but there is often little time to form the campaign.

Women in Leadership
Female Defender is a Leadership Consulting Company

–Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones, Harvard Business Review on Leadership

Wow…What say ye?

You have just found the perfect Company…Business…Movement….Campaign.

Yes, this is SO MUCH MORE than your average LLC. This is FAMILY.

We will ask the tough questions. We will address the tough issues.

We will explore the DOUBLE BIND. If women have AVOIDED being categorized as a Seductress, Nurturer, or Helper, has she found herself being categorized as a BITCH?  And Yes, We HATE that 5 letter Word.  Well , How do you get past it? Can you get past it? Do you have  to get over it?  What exactly do you do? We will give you our thoughts, We will ask Women in Uniform what they (we) think and what they (we) want to hear MORE about.

Female Defender: This company was created to assist women in uniform to better navigating to success.